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Toledo religious organization looks to revive vacant building

Toledo religious organization looks to revive vacant building

The following article appeared February 18, 2013 on the Toledo News Now website. It highlights an ABLE client's acquisition of a commercial building for development and improvement in Toledo's Old South End. The acquisition is part of a larger plan to develop the area. View below, or go to to view the video.

A local religious organization is working to help "fight against blight" in the Glass City.

The city of Toledo is lining up a new owner for a large vacant building in the 1600 block of Broadway in south Toledo.

The proposal before City Council for approval calls for the building to be sold to Western Avenue Ministries for $150. The goal is to eliminate a nuisance property, put it back on tax-generating status, and increase services provided in the neighborhood. Plans call for investing around $300,000 into the property.

Pastor David Kaiser says they are looking at putting in a pre-school and small business incubator.

South Toledo resident Stephanie Shagan says it will be a positive step for the neighborhood revival.

"It'll be excellent. The kids will be influenced by learning and it'll be way more helpful for parents," said Shagan.

A vote for approval of the building sale is likely set for Tuesday.